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Reality Check






Our Clothes: Overview



Reptile Skin


Down & Feathers

Pharmaceuticals & Biological Agents

Israel's Importing, Breeding, and Exporting of Primates

Our Food: Overview

Factory Farming: Overview

Beef Cattle

Dairy Cows

Veal Calves



Geese & Ducks:
Foie Gras & Meat

The Slaughter of Racehorses




Reality checks dramatize the plight of animal victims and demonstrate the extreme cruelty that is commonplace today.


Most of this material is vivid and includes disturbing photographs. To make a significant difference for animals, we must educate ourselves and bear witness to this exploitation.


Avian Flu in Israel

Cattle Mutilation

Dying to Get Dressed Up

Examples of Animal Experiments in Israel

Folk Remedies: Bile Bears in Asia

Folk Remedies: Boiled Cats in South Korea

How Long Animals Live

How Rabbits Live and Die

How to Skin a Rabbit




Primate Experiment in Jerusalem


Slaughter at the Racetrack

Slaughterhouse: Exposť of Horse Slaughter in the UK

Slaughterhouse: Exposť of Kosher Slaughter in the U.S.

Slaughterhouse: Photos

Slaughterhouse: Process


Steel-jaw Traps

Street Cats

Wildlife Body Parts, Fur, and Leather

Wildlife "Cuisine"

Who Controls the Food Supply



Animal liberation is the most difficult liberation struggle of all because speciesism [human discrimination on the basis of species] is primordial and universal. Speciesism is arguably the first of any form of domination or hierarchy and it has spread like a deadly virus throughout the entire planet and all of human history. The problem is not limited to Western culture or to the modern world, such that there is some significant utopian past or radical alternative to recover. The problem is the human species itself, which but for rare exceptions is violent, destructive, and imperialistic. Universally, humans have vested interests in exploiting animals and think they have a God-given right to do so. To change these attitudes is to change the very nerve center of human consciousness. That is our task — no more and no less.

— Dr. Steven Best

From an interview, Vegan Voice, Fall 2004