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Wildlife "Cuisine"






Wildlife "Cuisine"





Reptile Skin




From A to Z (Alligator to Zebra), captive-bred, slaughtered wildlife are widely available for the home kitchen. Firms specializing in this trade deliver freshly butchered cuts of meat right to the doorstep. Many orders can be conveniently placed, and charged, on the Internet. Media, like The New York Times, promote this cuisine. International agreements (like CITES — the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species) meant to protect wildlife, only apply to the import and export of animals caught in the wild. Entrepreneurs have established breeding and growing stations — in effect factory farms, which are completely legal — to satisfy the demand for this meat. In particular, alligators and snakes are grown in industrial settings in great quantity.


Typical Prices (US$) for Exotic Animal Meat

Alligator: $11.75 lb. (.45 kg)

Bear: $22.40 lb. (.45 kg)

Kangaroo: $14.95 lb. (.45 kg)

Rattlesnake: $39.95 lb. (.45 kg) (at 3 lb. = $119.85)